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We are focused on the R&D and manufacturing of API and preparations of pharmaceuticals, centering on methyl bromide and its derivatives with U.N. charted production certificate of methyl bromide. We have realized pipage transportation, enclosed production, automated operation and digitized management in all product lines, and passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001 certification. We actively develop new-generation fumigants, and possess national patents. We make great efforts to make a difference in plant protection and green agriculture industry.

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We are focused on standardized cultivation and targeted marketing for panax notoginseng. Relying on our highly effective disinfectant, soil fumigation technology and independently developed technology of continuous cropping for panax notoginseng, we have successively reduced the 20-year fallow period to 1 year. By sustainable innovations, we keep pursuing better quality and higher yield. We are committed to providing premium raw materials and products for bio-medicines and the health industry.

Panax Notoginseng

It is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, in araliaceae ginseng species, and hailed as “the magic herbal medicine” that is “ more precious than gold”. Panax notoginseng is effective to stimulate circulation, remove blood stasis, control bleeding, disperse swelling, aid the healing of sprains and relieve pain. It is good for people with “three hyper” hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and hypertension in particular. 

According to “Compendium of Materia Medica” by the renowned pharmacologist, Li Shizhen in Ming dynasty, panax notoginseng is effective to all kinds of blood diseases. Ginseng ranks top1 in all herbal medicines in terms of invigorating Qi (vital energy) and panax ginseng is the best out of its kind to replenish blood referring to “A Supplement To The Compendium Of Materia Medica”. Ginseng and panax notoginseng have similar flavor, performance and efficacy, both of which are regarded as the most precious herbal medicine.

Morphological Characteristics
●  Roots 

The roots of panax notoginseng are yellowish fleshy roots, with irregular fine lines on the surface. The roots consist of main roots, rootlets and fibrous roots.

●  Stems 

The stems of panax notoginseng consist of aerial stems and subterranean stems. The subterranean stems, also known as rhizome, are at the upper end of the roots. The aerial stems fall off in winter leaving stem scars on stems and roots. We can judge the growth age of panax notoginseng according to the stem marks.

●  Leaves
The leaves of panax notoginseng are palm-shaped compound leaves. The leaflets are mostly oval, tapering and ending up with sharp tips. The base parts are nearly round, and the leaf margins are finely serrated

●  Flowers

Panax notoginseng begins to bloom from the second year, bearing umbrella-shaped inflorescences with 50-80 small flowers on each.

●  Seeds

The seeds of panax notoginseng are red kernel-shaped berries. Most are reniform or spherical. Panax notoginseng blooms and fruits from the second year. As for the seeds, they generally mature starting from October to December.

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